Shingo Tokihiro

Journalist,Fashion Producer,Coordinator and Designer,Playwright,Essayist,President of Fashion Office "Lyric"

1955Born in Yamaguchi, Japan
1976Completed Bunka Fashion College,the evening cource
79Graduated from Nihon University,the Department of Japanese Literature
1980 to 1987Worked for the Sekainippo,the Culture Departmenas a journalist
86Established Fashion Office "Lyric"
94Produced the costume of Leonard Eto for GME "Aoniyoshi",sponsored by UNESCO,performed at Todai-ji,Nara,Japan
1994 to 1996Produced "Hanahizuki-za" and planned,composed and directed "Mode no jojo"(a performance of the mode) once every two month.
96Designed the 100 cast's costume for Omi Otomonogatari "Ishi-no-koe kioku"(a musical performedby the townspeople of Omi), sponsored by Omi City,Niigata,Japan
97Produced the costume for "Hina-no-hitofusi Hina-no-Asobi 1"(a joruri;Japanese ballad drama) for National Theatre 30th Anniversary.
Produced the costume for "MIzukagami",performed in Buenos Aires,Argentina
98Produced the costume for "Hina-no-hitofusi Hina-no-Asobi 2" as National Theatre Special Event
Published a pictorial book "Hiku Tsuki Modoru Taiyo (Apres la lune, soleil)"
99Produced the costume for "Hina-no-hitofusi Hina-no-Asobi 3"